X3 Gas Model

The Predator Tools X3 Model delivers the same power-packed performance as the X6-C Model in a new sleeker design. With more cylinders and engineered  dynamics, this tool is becoming the first option in gas separators!

Along with our 100% Guarantee of performance, this tool will definitely be your go-to Gas Separator!

These smaller power-house separators can handle >500 BPD and >1000 MCFPD.

“Nothing Out-Performs a Predator! Guaranteed!”

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X3 PCP Application Testimonial

Here is your tool in a PCP application. This well originally had a 90’ predator gas separator in it that was installed after the first failure. When the well was pulled, we mistakenly opted for a cheaper competitor’s tool and ended up having much more sporadic flow rates and torque and lost on average about 15-20 BOPD.

After about 1.5 months the well failed with the competitor’s tool and we ran a 120’ predator back in it. We picked up the lost production, flowrate stabilized, and torque became more steady. We have had tubing issues since running the 120’ tool back in, however these are issues not related to the tool and its performance and the well is currently pumping utilizing the 120’ Predator Gas Separator. (OP.Eng.)

TRC is an Authorized Distributor of Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separators