Sr. Prod. Eng. T.B.

The ‘X12345’ had a Predator Gas Separator installed about 2 weeks ago during a routine tubing leak repair. The pump card shown below taken this morning shows that the pump fill is between 90 to 95%! The XYZ gas separator was only providing 70% pump fill on this well with 1000 psi of pump intake pressure and the production appears to have increased from about 23 BOPD to 42 BOPD and the gas is way up from 150 to 475 MCFPD. This may be a flumping or surging well that the Predator is handling very well. The fluid level has been pulled down from 2700’ to about 1900’ of fluid above the pump and the well has quit cycling as much, so the unit is able to pump more fluid every day. The Predator gas separator is working GREAT!