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Downhole Gas Separator.

If our separator doesn’t work, we don’t bill.

Predator separators contain everything you need to minimize gas interference

This is an amazing new gas separator technology

Predator Tools’ patented gas separators are actually multiple miniature separators, working in parallel to maximize gas separation inside a single tool.  They’re so effective that not only are they demonstrably the best downhole gas separators in the marketplace – they’re 100% guaranteed to work in your well.

Multiple Technological Breakthroughs

Predator Tools’ patented gas separators leverage several technologies either not explored, or underutilized by other separator manufacturers.

The Most Effective Gas Separator?

Depends on how you measure it

Whether you measure the effectiveness of a gas separator in terms of percent of production potential, annualized maintenance costs, or some other metric, the Predator Tools’ gas separators blow away the competition.

Multiple Separators in One Tool

Predator Tools’ separators use multiple, independent cylinders to separate well fluids.
The result is a separator capable of remaining effective in even high flow or high GLR well applications.

Off-Gas Cylinder

The off-gas chamber allows extremely high volumes of gas to bypass the separator.
The result is a separator that can remain effective even in horizontal wells that produce gas slugs.

The Regulator

The gas regulator ensures high volumes of gas are able to bypass the separator, enabling the separator to remain effective.
Under normal production modes, the ball checks float & allow all fluids to spill into the annulus above the seal cup.
Under abnormal production modes, the ball checks seat & force all production fluids up to the off-gas chamber, allowing gas to fully bypass the separator.

Solids Management

Predator Tools’ solids management system allows solids to settle into a dead space built into the tool.
For applications with high solids content, Predator Tools now offers their own next-gen solids separator.

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